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About me

Do you dream of your wedding with images of immense blue and intense colors of the islands of Greece? Do you want your memories to be unforgettable from the day of your wedding to the beautiful Paros? Do you want to live in the picturesque white chapels of Sifnos? At the enormous Port of Naxos? In the special and world-famous Santorini view? Decided it and contacted me, Feel why it happens once and does not worry I will remind you forever of my pictures. With my headquarters in Naoussa, Paros, Me, Chrysovalanis photography, I can take care of your wedding on an island of the Cyclades as well as in the rest of Greece.


We also offer family,couple,proposal photoshoots.
A group of photographers with the sole purpose of keeping alive the beautiful moments you will experience on your holiday. Our island is full of beautiful, white houses with colorful doors, picturesque streets with flowers, small chapels and endless blue, are here and you are waiting to be photographed in front of them!
Paros Photowalks

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Paros wedding photographer _ Simeonidis Chrysovalantis - best wedding photographer in Paro
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